Our Latest Projects

Check out the below projects to see what Rolloff Systems can do for you!


Two Axle - 10,000 to 14,000 GVW

This is a two axle rolloff trailer hydraulic cylinder unit with dual hoist cylinder powered by a 13HP Honda electric start motor air cooled. 2 - 6,000 lb. electric brake axles, 5,000 lb. springs, 10 ply 3,500 lb. rated tires, 10,000 lb. jack, all units are built of square tubing, 4" cylinder 2" shafts, chrome, this is a command unit. This can be a pull trailer or a 5th wheel or a goose neck style.
GVW from 10,000 - 14,000 lbs.

Tri-Axle - 21,000 GVW

This is a tri-axle trailer. GVW from 16,000 lbs. to 21,000 lbs. Length from 16' to 20' long, pull type 5th wheel or goose neck, three 6,000 lb. electric brake axles, 5,000 lb. springs, 3,400 lb. rated true 10 ply, hydraulic Reaving cylinder unit, powered by Honda from 13HP to 24HP. All units are self powered. Built from square tubing. Lift capacity is 7 tons. 10,000 lb. jack.

Dual Axle - 24,000 GVW

This is a heavy duty dual axle rolloff trailer. Axle rating from 10,000 lbs. to 16,000 lbs. GVW from 24,000 lbs. to 36,000 lbs. 5th wheel or goose neck style or pull hook. Axles are electric brake or hydraulic with proper spring rating, motor up from 20HP to 36HP, built same as rolloff truck untis. Hydraulic reaving cylinder system, square tubing frame and hoist unit, rollers on each side of lifting frame. 2" rear pin, cylinder size from 5 to 5.5 bore. 2.5 chrome shaft. This can be pulled by a 450 or 550 Ford or equivelent for proper towing capacity according to GVW.

34,000 GVW Trailer

2-16,000 rated axles. Hydraulic brakes. Heavy frame. 5.5" Bore cylinders. 2.5 Shafts. Powered by 24HP Honda or equivelent motor. Self contained power system. 3 bank valve. Reaving cyclinder system. 17.5, 10 ply tires. 4775 lbs. rated tires. Heavy duty unit.

Tri Axle Rolloff 5th Wheel

This is a 20' Tri-axle rolloff trailer 5th wheel. Powered by Honda or equivelent motor. Hydraulic system. 7,000lb. axles. Electric brakes. Reaving cylinder unit. 22,000GVW. 10 ply 3400lb. rated tires. 5000lb. springs. Painted black. Fendered. R200 Hydraulic Hose.

Winch Unit

Winch Unit of 24' long. 6" bore rams. 36,000GVW. 5th wheel. Electric or hydraulic brake axles. 15,000lb. rated axles. 10 ply 3475lb. rated tires.


Rolloff Truck

Rolloff Truck

Various Trucks

These untis are 26,000 GVW. From 16' to 20' reaving cylinder units, fitted with inside or outside controls. Power Take Off (PTO). Tool box, light bar, safety bar, and rear bar. Tie downs. We build larger units also.

Rolloff 2005 Peter Built

This rolloff frame was fitted to a 2005 Peter Built. 24ft. Rails, with a stinger extension. Truck frame was extended air ride suspension. Inside out controls tool box. Quarter fenders. We build equipment. A reaving cylinder unit.

Rolloff 2007 Peter Built

This bin lifter was fitted to a 2007 Peter Built. Lifter unit has hydraulic leveling arms. Unit is self powered using a Honda motor electric start. Rear jack stabilizers lift capacity 7000lbs.-9000lbs.

Mid Class Unit

This is a mid class unit. Sterling Ford with our rolloff unit reaving cyclinder unit. Fitted with a 18' unit inside or outside controls. Dual tool boxes. Light bar. Fitted with tarper.

Bin Lifters

Bin Lifter

Storage Bin Lifter

This is a bin lifter designed for lifting containers. Rear jack stabilizers. Lift capacity is variable up to 5 ton. Unit will fit on 26,000GVW trucks.

Multi-Usage Storage Bin Lifter with Slide-out Arms

This bin lifter can handle containers from 10' long by 90" wide by 8' high to 16' long by 90" wide by 8' high. Lifting capacity to 10,000lbs. Arms expand from 96" to approx. 116" wide for easier manuvering into containers. Arms close to 96" for picking up containers.